Crezy or Gravel

Sandstone Crezy or Chips are best alternative of gravel and concrete being stronger and more durable. It is cheap and economical to use. Not recommended for ceiling but could be used for construction of RCC roads, driveways and as a filling material. Due to its uneven structure and surface it never holds water, water easily pass through it towards ground and absorbed by it. We have various grades of crazy or chips available as shown in table.

                                    Type                           LENGTH                                
                            Mixed Grey                                           2 CM TO 12 CM
                            Mixed Red                          2 CM TO 12 CM
                            Graded Grey                         2 CM TO 5 CM
                            Graded Grey                         5 CM TO 12 CM  
                            Graded Red                        2 CM TO 5 CM
                           Graded Red                        5 CM TO 12 CM