Raj Green

Kandla Grey

Autumn Brown

Rippon Buff

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Raj Green Sandstone or Light Brown Sandstone is loved for its traditional and shiny look. Comprising of all basic Qualities of sandstone like strength, durability and resistant to chemicals, its beautiful traditional look makes it most lovable sandstone. Its excellent tones and textures gives vibrant look to your Pavements, Landscapes, Driveways, Walkways and Wall Cladding.
Kandla Grey Sandstone or Blue Sandstone is Known for its bright and Lustrous aura. It brings positive feel in the environment and avoid darkness in the Patios, Landscapes, Driveways and Walk ways. It gives Clean and Aesthetic feel to our eyes. It comprises of all other basic properties of sandstone like Quick drying and non- Slippery surface.
Rippon Buff Sandstone or Rainbow Sandstone is recognised by the rainbow like patterns over the surface of stone. All these natural patterns over its surface give it an extra ordinary look. Its applications are same as Raj Green Sandstone and Kandla Grey Sandstone.
Autumn Brown Sandstone or RED Sandstone is known for its reddish brown colour, It is known for its extra ordinary strength and durability used as Lenters, Pillars and Window Sills also with usual use of Sandstone like Paving and landscaping etc and posses all basic properties of sandstone.